Mortgages for Professionals
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Mortgages for Solicitors

If you're a barrister or solicitor looking for some help with getting a mortgage then you've come to the right place.

Lenders use their own affordability calculations to assess how much they will lend, but some

offer enhanced calculations and favourable rates specifically to professionals like you.


Your career stability and reliable income can help you save money when applying for

a mortgage. However, approaching your bank or high street lender directly is not always

the best way to secure the most suitable rate based on your circumstances, and that's where I come in and help you get the exact right mortgage for you dependent on your situation.



I offer a bespoke and personal service for professionals throughout the UK to individuals with registered qualifications and high projected earnings such as the following...






Medical doctors 






Specialist lenders we use assess each application individually rather than sticking to

a rigid formula. It doesn't matter if you’re newly qualified or have spent many years in

your profession – whatever stage you are at in your life or career, a

Professional Mortgage is normally flexible enough to adapt to your needs.


My focus as a specialist mortgage broker is to always save you both time & money by

providing a fast, knowledgeable, responsive service to get the right mortgage for your circumstances.  I do this by researching thousands of products from over 90 lenders, so whatever you're looking for, please get in touch...

In the first instance, either give me a call directly, or book an on-line appointment

(CLICK HERE to do this right now), let me know what you're ideally looking for, ask me some questions, and let's go from there.


I look forward to speaking with you soon, 

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