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Mortgages for the


When you're looking to buy your first home, remortgage, move house or get a buy to let mortgage,  being self-employed may pose some issues for lenders in calculating income and assessing the maximum loan amount possible. 


That's where I can help, because not only do I understand how frustrating that can be, but I can also help to find the right lender and the right product for you, based on my experience & knowledge of the market and using my simple 4 step system. 

You've probably got lots of questions such as...

How much can I borrow?

I've only been self-employed for 1 year - is that ok?

My business is a Limited Company with me as a Director - can you help with that?

I get paid dividends and a small salary - can I get a mortgage?

I'm a freelance contractor and my lender has turned me down - can you help?

...and many more too!

Whatever your questions, 

I can help guide you through the jargon to get you precisely what you want & need...


My focus as a specialist mortgage broker is to save you both time & money by providing a fast, responsive service, with access to over 90 lenders & 2,000 different products, in order to get the right mortgage for you. advice in the first instance would be to either give me a call directly, or book an appointment, tell me what you're looking for, ask me whatever questions you need to, and let's go from there...would that be ok? 




Speak soon,

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