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Lowest Ever Mortgage Rates!

Today has seen the launch of 2 & 5 year fixed-rate deals with the lowest ever interest rates seen on a two-year and five-year fix respectively, according to brokers.

But while these mortgages won't necessarily be best for everyone (they’re restricted to a maximum of 60% loan to value), the headline-grabbing rates of 0.95% and 1.17% indicate that competition between lenders is currently fierce. So check now if you can save £1,000s on your mortgage.

Check Now If You Can Cut The Cost Of Your Mortgage

Even if these deals aren't right for you, if you're coming to the end of your mortgage or you're on your lender's standard variable rate (SVR), you should check if you can cut costs now as rates are low across the board. Of course, it's impossible to say if mortgage rates could fall further, but many can save £1,000s switching to a cheaper deal now.

To find out if you could benefit, put your info into our exclusive Mortgage Comparison tool and get a free review of your situation.

Nothing to lose and everything to gain…so go on, go to this link Free Mortgage Search right now.


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