• David Tarry MBA

Let's Talk About Life Insurance...

Due to all of our time at home recently and a majority of our days spent just with our immediate family, I'm starting to receive an increasing number of calls about life insurance and other health related coverage. There's nothing like a pandemic to force so many people to focus on their health and the wellbeing of the ones around them. Some of the questions I'm answering are: 'Do I have enough life insurance that my family is fully supported if I'm gone?' 'What happens if I get sick and can't run my business?' 'What type of coverage can financially help if I get a serious illness like cancer?' Do you want to discuss your life insurance, income protection or critical illness options? Book a free telephone consultation by clicking this link Alternatively, give me a call at 01983 875151 or an email at david@merewoodfs.co.uk and I'd be happy to provide some advice on the proper amount of insurance coverage if an unexpected health emergency presented itself.