• David Tarry MBA

Deadline to Breadline

Recent research from Legal & General* shows that many of us do not have a plan in place should the worst happen and we lose our income suddenly.

The research identifies the key myths and barriers preventing income protection take-up & shows that a huge 9 in 10 don’t see themselves as their largest financial asset.

It also assessed the financial stability of people across the UK, and how long they could survive if all they had to rely on was their savings. Many households could be far less financially resilient than they think...

Scary stuff, eh? The research also claims that just 14% of homeowners have income protection, and perhaps even worse, just 2% of renters...and yet if renters lost their income, their home & future would be under just as much threat as a homeowner.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you ensure you protect your financial security, you know what to do....

* Legal & General Deadline to Breadline Report November 2020