• David Tarry MBA

Confidence & Security

Whatever you may think of the current situation, many people may simply want to get on with their lives and implement the property and mortgage plans they’ve possibly been holding back on, whether that’s for:

  • a house move

  • improving the current property

  • buying a first home

  • purchasing an additional property

  • expanding the portfolio as a landlord

Alternatively, you may be coming towards the end of your current ‘deal period’, have been sitting for far too long on your lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR), need to raise further funds, or are keen to move to a better deal.

With regard to the latter points, this is reinforced by the industry regulator, who estimated that 800,000 borrowers could still switch their mortgage and make an average saving of £1,000 a year across the introductory rate period. (Source: Financial Conduct Authority, Mortgages Market Study, March 2019)

Whatever your plans, you are probably aware that we’re still in a scenario where there are excellent mortgage deals on offer. Of course, whilst a lot of lenders are keen to do business, you still need to meet their stringent lending criteria, and that’s why it’s vital that you take advice. Particularly as it can be a confusing process, with so many product options and deal rates out there.

The Mortgage Marketplace

Whilst the uncertainty may have impacted on the property market, the mortgage loans sector remains in relatively good health. Remortgages are thriving as people look to lock into the lowest rates possible. The interest in remortgaging may come as no surprise when you consider that households now only move once every 20 years, up from every eight years in the 1980s. Elsewhere, First-Time Buyers are still keen to get onto the housing ladder as soon as they can.

Don’t forget Protection cover

Whether you’re still living at home, renting, or a homeowner, it makes sense to have insurance cover in place to protect your life and/or loss of an income stream.

Talk to us to hear more about this, and how we could help with any mortgage needs.