• David Tarry MBA

A 'Green' Mortgage? How would that work?!

What's an 'environmentally friendly' mortgage and how would even begin to work, you may say! And you'd be right to think it, but read on, because maybe this is the start of something that can not only save the environment, but save you money too!

Basically, if your property is rated as either A or B within the Energy Performance Certificate rating bands, then some lenders are offering BETTER deals - by up to 0.2% off their 'normal' rates.

Now, this may not sound a lot, but when looking at a mortgage of, say, £250,000 it would reduce your monthly payments by c.£25 each month.

Check your property right here: https://find-energy-certificate.digital.communities.gov.uk/

As someone once said, every little helps....and maybe, just maybe, the shape of things to come.