• David Tarry MBA

5 Top Tips for a Successful Mortgage Application

This year has seen an average of only 1 in 5 being accepted first time for their mortgage applications compared to an average of 3 in 5 last year.

If you or someone you know is a first-time buyer your bank statements are a crucial part of evidencing your financial stability to be able to take on a mortgage. However, in reality, these top tips are applicable for everyone:

Inside Jokes

  • Avoid adding joke references to transferred money. If you’re splitting a pizza, or booking a holiday, make sure that’s what it says on the account

Cash Gifting

  • In the lead up to applying for a mortgage, be careful of sudden balance drops even through gifting cash - you need to reassure your lender of your financial stability, not the other way round

Frequent Flutters

  • An occasional dabble in the lottery shouldn’t spark concern, but large amounts dedicated to gambling may cause concern for your lender

New Job

  • A new job is great! But make sure your new employer provides you with a letter stating your expected salary to avoid any uncertainty surrounding your income.

Deposit Paper Trail

  • If you’ve been gifted your deposit, or a sum towards it, make sure you keep a record of bank accounts it has passed through and where it came from to avoid delays in processing your application

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