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Mortgages For 

Armed Forces Personnel

If you're looking for some help with getting a mortgage whilst working in the armed forces, why not start that journey with confidence by receiving expert advice from a specialist, who started work as a mortgage broker in 1999.

One of the key factors in finding the right mortgage for armed forces personnel is to find lenders who offer specific criteria to accommodate specialist and often unique requirements, such as allowing armed forces stationed abroad to purchase in the UK

I can definitely help with that.

I can also help you with the "Forces Help to Buy"* scheme, an interest-free advance of salary repaid over ten years.  You'll be able to borrow up to 50% of your salary* and any recruitment and retention pay (formerly Specialist Pay), up to a maximum of £25,000*.

It’s available to regular personnel to buy their first home or move to a new location (more than 50 miles from their current property), although there may be some exceptions to this.*

The current scheme is running until 31 December 2022.*

You can apply for the loan online through the JPA* (Joint Personnel Administration) system, and can seek advice on their application through your chain of command and staff and personnel support detachment.

* For full details and verification of this information, click this link.

Not all mortgage lenders will allow Forces Help to Buy, so going to your bank will probably get you nowhere.


My focus as a specialist mortgage broker is always to save you both time & money by providing a fast, knowledgeable, responsive service to get the right mortgage for your circumstances.

My advice in the first instance would be to either give me a call directly, or book an appointment (CLICK HERE to do this right now), tell me what you're looking for, ask me any questions you need, and let's go from there.

Would that be ok? 


I look forward to speaking with you soon,

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