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News About 95% Mortgages

Are you looking for a 95% mortgage but a little unsure how to start the process?
Or perhaps you'd like to find out how much you can borrow? 
Maybe you're just trying to decipher all the 'financial jargon' that we use in the industry?
There are a number of lenders offering 95% mortgages, but do you qualify?  Do you earn enough to get what you're looking for? Or maybe you've got some other burning questions that you need to know the answers to...and that's ok.....just get in touch and I'll be able to give you some guidance on all this and more in just a few minutes.
And don't worry - I know how you feel...
There's so much to learn, understand and simply 'get your head around' when buying your first home, and I can still remember buying my first property with all the excitement mixed with a lot of nervousness too!

I truly understand how confusing it can all be when you first start looking at mortgages, but I also sincerely believe I can help guide you through the mortgage market and get the right deal for you using my proven 4 step system to do so - whatever your situation or requirements...


Let Me Find The Right Mortgage
For YOU in 4 Easy Steps...

My focus as a specialist mortgage broker is to save you both time & money by providing a fast, responsive service, with access to over 2,000 different products, in order to get the right mortgage for your requirements using my proven 4 step system...




My advice in the first instance would be to either give me a call directly or book an appointment

(click here to do this right now)

tell me what you're looking for, ask me whatever questions you need to

(including how much you can borrow) and let's go from there...would that be ok? 


I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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Search the Market 


Next, I research the whole market and come up with the right product for you  




I'll manage the application process for you and deal with all relevant parties on your behalf as needed


Track & Chase


I'll track the application for you and chase anything that needs to be actioned all the way through to completion


Free Consultation

We have a quick telephone conversation to help me understand your situation & requirements